Monday, January 30, 2012

Curly Maple Box

This is a classic Curly Maple Box. This is also known as tiger wood due to its strips. This wood has been used in such items as Les Paul Guitars and are some of the most prized on the vintage guitar market. The side of this box were cut on the table saw with a 30 degree beveled and dyed with India ink. The curly maple itself was dyed with Trans dye. This dye is diluted with water and then applied.  It has a broad contoured lid and matching front and back panels, which show off the beauty of the wood. The bold ebonized sides add an interesting design element.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Soild Elm Bowl

This bowl was just finished this morning to fill a Christmas order. It is made of one solid piece of elm wood which is a very heavy and dense wood. This bowl weighs 1 ½ lbs. It has a poly seal and took 5 man hours to make. If interested in this piece or any others on All wood treasures you can email me at

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Child's Rocking Chair

This chair can be taken apart and put back together at will.  A wooden key in the back holds it very securely together. It can be taken apart in minutes for easy storage. It can hold up to 60 lbs. and has rounded corners, making it kid-safe.  If interested in this piece or similar pieces you can contact me by email

Recycled Bench

This bench was made from 100% recycled wood and being green at Wooden Treasures is my main objective. The trees it was made from were bulldozed down to clear room for a new building on CNM property. Two of the trees that would have been incinerated were air dried for over 1.5 years. After the moisture content was below 15% the tree trunks were tilled down and sized. This piece contains over 250 parts and weighs ½ ton.  The corners are solid square logs wrapped in a milled wood that has been angled and planed.  It has a marine grade finish. This is so it can stand up to the NM sun and heat.  This piece of art is on display at The Library on CNMs main campus.

Kitchen Cabinet

This cabinet has a full extension drawer for easy access.  It has two adjustable shelves for storing both large and small items.  The sides are made of MDF with Walnut veneer.  The drawer and cabinet door is made of solid Walnut. The door is assembled with mortise and tenon and the panel is held in with a rabbit joint. It is 3 ft tall, 2 ft 6 inches wide and 2 ft long, with a toe kick that can even fit even the biggest pair of boots.
If interested in this piece or similar pieces you can contact me by email

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5 Votive Candle Holder

This piece complements any table, bookcase or shelf, adding a bit of elegance.  It holds five votive candles.  It is made with an oak base and legs, surrounded by walnut trim.  Like all pieces from Wooden Treasures it does not contain nails.  It is 2 ft in length, 5 inch in width, and 3 inches in height.  If interested in this piece or similar pieces you can contact me by email

Walnut Night Stand

This nightstand weighs over 50 lbs.  It is constructed out of solid walnut.  The four drawers are 5 inches in height.  The dresser measures 2 ft 4 inches high by 18 inches square.  This piece is made with rabbit joints, mortise and tenon joints, double dado joints and dowels.  The legs were custom made on the band saw and drum sander.  The vintage handles date back from the 1920’s.  The nightstand contains no nails.  If interested in this piece or similar pieces you can contact me by email